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Reasons why you need a private health check

When was the last time you saw a doctor? A lot of us book a doctor’s appointment only when we are sick. With our busy lives and hectic lifestyle, it is often hard to put ourselves first, especially if we are feeling ok. However, even if you have no known health complaint or issues, it is a good idea to undergo regular health screenings.

By taking regular health checks and screening, you are taking an important step towards a healthier and longer life. Here are nine reasons why you need a private health check.

  1. Detects diseases in their early stages

The first and most obvious reason is that a health check-up allows the early detection of potentially life-threatening diseases like cancer. Regular check-ups can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. Therefore, going for a regular health check reduces your chances of getting sick. As easy as this.

  1. Reduces health care costs

Over time, getting into the habit of having a regular private health check like the one offered at Phoenix Hospital Group reduces health care costs and avoids medical expenses later on.

  1. Helps to keep a clear medical history

Knowing your baseline is important and a clear and updated medical history can be used as a reference in case of an emergency in the future.

  1. Traces stress-related diseases

Many of the common causes of diseases can be traced back to stress. For example, high blood pressure or abnormal blood lipid and glucose profiles, which can be exacerbated by stress, increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. With a health check-up you can keep them under control. Linked to this, a health check-up serves as a good reminder that you need to prioritise your health and look after yourself.

  1. Limits the risk of complications

If you have existing or chronic conditions, a private health check-up can closely monitor them, limiting the risk of complications.

  1. Gives you peace of mind

It is common to avoid doctor appointments because we are afraid of the results. However, regular health screenings give you peace of mind and make you feel more in control of your physical and mental health.

  1. Increases life span

It is scientifically proven that people who undergo regular health check-ups live longer and healthier lives.

  1. Keeps your mental health under control

Mental health is as important as physical health. Having a private health check is also a good occasion for talking with your doctor about your mental wellbeing. If something is concerning, your doctor will be able to point you in the relevant direction.

  1. Makes you aware of vaccinations, screenings, and test

Depending on your age, sex, or any health issue you might have, during your dedicated private health check-up, your doctor will advise you on any vaccinations, screenings, and tests you might need to maintain your health. Good examples of these are mammograms and smear tests for women and prostate check-ups for men.

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