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What are dental implants? What are the types of tooth replacement treatments?

Our teeth are an essential part of our body, and it helps us having a fabulous smile and a healthy mouth. It also helps to maintain overall health. The absence of a tooth or missing tooth can make tasks such as chewing and speaking more difficult. But with today’s dental implant and advancement, there are solutions to such problems. In a recent dental implant surgical procedure, a replacement tooth is placed and infused with the jawbone. This option works well when replacing a single tooth. But is not a good option for multiple teeth replacement. Dental implants provide the look and feel of natural teeth, and thus they can last for years without replacing them. The benefits of dental implants are many, so we will help you understand their benefits and why you should opt for this treatment.

When you age, the chance is that they may be missing at least one tooth. In the U.K, adults between ages 40 to 65 are missing at least one tooth, and adults over age 65 years are missing their natural teeth. The most common reason for tooth loss in adults is dental cavities or tooth decay that is not treated. Losing one or two teeth can feel you conscious and affect your ability to speak or eat. Fortunately, today’s dental implant treatment has improved, and several replacement tooth options exist. In this article, we will discuss those tooth-replacing options.

Dental implants treatments are:

  • Implant crown and bridges
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures
  • Do nothing

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a replacement for teeth roots. It makes it ideal for a tooth replacement option for many people. Nowadays, dental implants have improved a lot. Implants support a replacement tooth with a dental bridge, crown, or denture. These implants are made from titanium and biocompatible material such as artificial joints. Once the implant is placed in the jaw, then a prosthetic tooth is attached.

Implant Crown and Bridges:

Today, there are so many options available to fix a missing tooth. Implant bridges and implant crowns are implant-supported restorations for tooth replacement. An implant crown is a quick option to replace a single missing tooth, either front or back.

Implant-Supported Dentures:

These are over dentures that are supported and attached by the implants. These implants are attached to implants which help to provide better support. Like other types of implant, it requires implant denture installation in two phases. First, an implant requires a surgical procedure, and two dental implants are placed into your jaw to hold dentures. Next, your dentist fixes the new custom prosthesis.

Partial Dentures:

A missing tooth can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and difficulty in speaking. Another treatment is a partial denture. In this treatment, you can replace your missing teeth while keeping your remaining teeth. The denture used is custom-made based on the mold of your mouth. It is composed of pink acrylic or nylon that mimics your gums and supports and stabilizes the denture. However, the new teeth get attached to the base and fit perfectly into the space of the teeth. Well, depending on the denture type or the missing teeth position, the clasps can be visible when you speak or smile.

Complete Dentures:

It is also known as a full denture and takes the whole mouth rather than just a part. A complete denture is a removable device that is can be used. It can also be repaired if you have many missing teeth or who have lost all their teeth.

Do Nothing:

Some people chose to do nothing like the cost of replacing missing is expensive. However, not replacing a missing tooth can also cause dental problems. Do your research and visit a nearby dentist and start taking treatments.

Why Doing Nothing Is Not an Advisable?

Doing nothing to your teeth is not advisable as it loses your bone strength, and your remaining teeth’ alignment can also shift. Your teeth alignment is supported on counteraction, and each tooth holds each other. If no teeth, then teeth may start moving, creating gaps between teeth and affecting bone health.

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with our doctors, and let’s answer all your queries regarding your missing tooth. We invest in educating you on our clinical skills and continue showing you the best dental care for our patients. Do contact us and book an online appointment today.

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